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Company is mainly engaged in pharmaceutical preparations and medical equipment research and development, production and sales, in order to "focus on medical field, create a healthy life" as our mission, is committed to build research and development, production, sale trinity core competitive advantages, continue to create large-scale products group, formed ", varieties, technology in the field of "combination advantage of rich product line, Build a complete cycle of industrial value chain from raw materials to drugs. The company has been selected as the Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Leapfrog Development Project G20 enterprises, ranked top 100 Chinese chemical drug research and development strength, has been widely recognized inside and outside the industry.

Company established the urgent clinical needs, imitation and combined with the research and development strategy, have to layout of chemical medicine new areas such as innovation, the company product category is rich, pharmaceutical preparations mainly covers the cardiovascular system, chronic kidney disease, skin disease, digestive system, diabetes, mental nerve system, class, and other products of department of gynaecology niche; The medical device business mainly focuses on clinical care products.

The company has established a national sales network, set up a professional and efficient sales team to deeply explore the market, has its own characteristics of a variety of marketing models, the comprehensive sales network and professional sales team for the stable growth of the company's sales scale to provide a guarantee.

Molecular company

Cangzhou Branch of Beijing Foyou Pharmaceutical Co., LTD

Cangzhou Branch of Beijing Foyou Pharmaceutical Co., LTD is the API production base of Beijing Foyou Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Complete production facilities, equipment and auxiliary facilities, with three raw material workshops in line with GMP requirements, products involved in cardiovascular system, metabolic system, neuropsychiatric system and other related fields.

Beijing Wanshengrenhe Technology Co., LTD

Beijing Wanshengrenhe Technology Co., LTD., formerly known as Beijing Oriental Tide Technology Development Co., LTD., was founded in 2001, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of medical equipment. The company attaches great importance to the protection of independent intellectual property rights, from the product core technology to the appearance of the patent protection strategy, the product has a comprehensive patent layout, more than 150 patents have been authorized. The products are mainly clinical care products, including disposable oxygen tube, nasal air filter, urine dynamic monitoring instrument, urine collection bag and other series of products. In the future, the company will continue to devote itself to the development of medical device industry, strive to become one of the main forces of medical device industry, and contribute to the rapid and healthy development of China's medical device industry.

Zhejiang Aisheng Pharmaceutical Co. LTD

Zhejiang Aisheng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., located in Qiantang District, Hangzhou, was established in December 1995. In August 2018, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Fuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., under the jurisdiction of its subsidiary zhejiang Yan Jitang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., LTD. The company has a modern preparation production workshop, including progesterone soft capsule and other main products, won the national high-tech enterprise certification and other titles.

Foyou pharmaceutical Co. LTD

Foyou pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is located in xuancheng, anhui province, in August 2018, Beijing Foyou pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary, is mainly engaged in topical ointments, cream preparation, tincture, topical solution, tablets, granules, etc more than ten dosage forms more than 30 varieties of production and sales, the main products include open plug dew, ha DE sinai, erythromycin, etc. The international business has passed the GMP inspection of THE FDA of the United States, and the GMP certification of the FDA of the Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and other countries, and exported to Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Production quality
Quality of implementation

Safety, efficacy and stability are the basic quality characteristics of drugs. We believe that quality originates from design and forms in production, and quality risk management should run through the whole product life cycle of product research and development, production, sales and delisting. Therefore, we define according to quality management, from the top design, architecture, establishing effective quality system and can guarantee the effective implementation of the quality policy, objectives, through quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and improvement measures, such as all the management activities to make the product quality effectively, the implementation of the orderly, and ensure that products are safe, effective and stable.

Quality policy

Based on the purpose of "providing high-quality products for the benefit of society", we adhere to the quality concept of "from design, excellent manufacturing, continuous improvement".

Product quality is a reliable basis for enterprises in the market competition, continuous improvement is to constantly improve the management system, constantly improve product quality and promote the development of enterprises.

Quality objectives

Scientific management system, rigorous organizational structure, effective implementation of management, to ensure the full life cycle of medical and health products safe, effective and stable.

① The company's product research and development, production, sales process in line with quality management regulations and quality standards is the company's minimum requirements for products, our continuous technical progress, to ensure product quality excellence, technology and international synchronization or leading.

② Continue to improve product quality and enterprise quality management system, and gradually in line with international standards.

Enterprise culture
Cultural characteristics

The teacher culture

The sage is the teacher and the master is the teacher

Purpose of the enterprise

Create wealth for employees to benefit society

Core values

Innovation and competition

The spirit of enterprise

Seek truth and innovation, quality and efficiency

Business philosophy

Balance of wealth creation is sustainable

Code of Conduct

Honesty, diligence and frugality

Code of conduct for cadres

Follow the example, act prudently, act altruistically


Be an honest person and work steadily

The enterprise image

Aim high and keep your feet on the ground

Enterprise honor

Beijing Biopharmaceutical Industry Leapfrog Development Project (G20) - industry leader

High-tech enterprise

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